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     Stereo Oldies Radio


  Oldies Radio of the 1950s and 1960s is a popular music
genre listened to by all generations. The song lyrics
represent the true feeling and uniqueness of the era.
Click any of the links below (in white) to hear
'Stereo Oldies Radio' or 'Future Oldies Radio'
or watch single file music videos and hear single file
songs of the 1950s and 1960s from the
'Single File A/V Media Link' in stereo......ENJOY!!!


  Many of the popular songs that were recorded in the
1950's and 1960's (and before) were not in stereo as
that technology was not available at that time. The
music that you will hear on Stereo Oldies Radio has
been digitally remastered using many complex methods
to create a surprisingly alive stereo recording. Sooo....
sit back and relax and enjoy the sounds of the
Rock 'N' Roll past as you have never heard them before.

 This non-profit website has been created only to exhibit
the creative genius and originality of past songwriters,
musicians and performers of the past.

 To hear the 'Stereo Oldies Live Radio' feed, or
'Future Oldies Live Radio' feed, Windows Media Player
is required (or plug-in). For WMP12, you will probably
have to keyboard "Ctrl+u" and save the URL as a playlist.

Stereo Oldies Live Radio Link

 Some songs you will hear on Stereo Oldies Live Radio around Halloween and Christmas will be newer to
provide a larger music selection.

 Please visit our non-profit sister station
(below in white)
'Future Oldies Radio'
'The Soundtrack Of Your Life'
An amazing mix of'll never
guess what you'll hear next.

Future Oldies Live Radio Link

eFuture Oldies Live Radio Link Radio LinkOldies Live Radio Link

Single File A/V Media Link

Oldies from 1950 thru 1969 in audio and video formats: mp3, wmv, mp4, flv.

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